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 Uncovering the local music scene in Charlotte, NC. 

Jan 1, 2020

This month Matthew speaks with film composer Bryan Holt about his musical background, how he got into composing for film, what goes into writing for a short film like Coventown and all things sound design. You can find Bryan on Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube and

Dec 1, 2019

This month Matthew speaks with rapper and local personality ReeCee. The two discuss her evolution as a rap artist, her new EP The D.O.A.P., developing her YouTube channel ReeCee World, hosting a new open mic and what's coming up in...

Nov 3, 2019

This month Matthew talks with Dallas Dwight and Rahsaan Lacey from The L.A. Maybe to discuss how the band came together, their songwriting process, their new EP and the bands place in the Charlotte music scene. 

Oct 2, 2019

This month Matthew talks with Wes Steenburgh co-founder of the rock quintet Waterworks. Founded on the West side of Charlotte in an old WaterWorks building the five piece ensemble (sax, guitars, bass, vocals, drums) brings influences spanning generations and genres. You can follow them on Facebook to...

Sep 1, 2019

This month Matthew speaks with multi-talented singer/songwriter Lisa De Novo. The two sit down to discuss her musical background, her latest recording The Big Bang, the local Charlotte music scene and all that she is involved with here in the Queen City. You can find out more about Lisa through here web page and